Abrishamchian has proved its flexiblility reliability and innovation, by programming,Technical services and long term cooperation with well-known European suppliers


Today the industrial world which is affected by strong competition and also challenges of global competitors from the past two decades has motivated many manufacturing companies to adopt new production approach that is the Lean Production. To create such a system, using modern industrial machinery with the lowest production waste is an inevitable issue. Since 1960 Abrishamchian Kohan Tejarat (AKT) with the name of S.M. Abrishamchian Trading Co. has launched their extensive activities and cooperation with European countries in import of production line, packaging machineries and raw materials in food industry. With more than 60 years of experience, AKT has achieved the leading position in food industry by focusing on customer needs and expectations. AKT has proved its flexibility, reliability and innovation, by programming, technical services and long-term suppliers cooperation.

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 The leading position in food industry by focusing on customer needs and expectations


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