Opening RDW Technology Center

Presentation of new products
26 آبان 1394
The Mental Objectives Manual
20 فروردین 1395

It is our great pleasure to invite you personally to the grand opening of our new 2000 m2 Technology Center in Koog aan de Zaan (Amsterdam). This event will take place on Thursday, January 28, 2016 between 13.30 – 18.00 hrs. and will mark the 130th Anniversary of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group as well as highlight the next evolution in the cooperation of our individual companies.

After 130 years, the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group has successfully combined the knowledge, know-how and experience of Duyvis, Wiener, F.B. Lehmann, Thouet and JAF Inox. This enables us to successfully transform future processing needs into innovative and practical solutions. This was marked recently by the introduction of the Choco Lean ( a new chocolate production concept) and Log5 (a groundbreaking technology that set an industry wide standard for natural nut and seed pasteurization).

We would welcome the opportunity to have you as our distinguished guest during the grand opening celebration in Koog in de Zaan. During the event, we will show you the latest processing technologies from bean to bar including state of the art roasting, grinding, refining and conching machinery as well as a Log5 nut pasteurization system.

Please note that this event is planned for the Thursday, preceding the ISM/ProSweets in Cologne, Germany; it would be a great opportunity to combine both events.

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